Organic Gardens

Many years ago all growing on our farms and small holdings would have been organic by nature. When The Hill House (the parent house of Blueberry Cottages Retreat) was built, there would have been little in the way of chemical additives to enhance the growing of staples on the land. So it is more of a step back in time rather than a move forward that is embarked on here with the eco friendly gardening and building.

The Cottage Garden at the Hill House is a superb example of what can be achieved with a lot of loving labour. Working with the natural ancient divisions within the land, defined areas are now productive with vegetables, soft fruit, nectar rich flowers, pretty perennials with herbs, heavenly scented varieties of old roses interwoven with clematis supported by hazel lattice,an orchard and a (salvaged) commercial glass house. 

The garden has evolved into a very busy wildlife haven, with the pond attracting newts, frogs, dragonflies, beatles, hoverflies and bees also an abundance of birds including Hawks, Herons, and recently a Buzzard. There are no shortage of predators either, Badgers, Foxes, Pine Martins, Stoats and Mink.
Wildflowers in the adjoining fields and meadows add to the colourful scene and an abundance of rare orchids can be found at certain times of the year in the lower streamside meadow.

Wonderful preserves made from the garden produce and organic vegetables are for sale to our guests when in season and available.